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Hotel Castello di Reschio, a Historical Gem

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In the wild Umbrian countryside, the stunning thousand-year-old Castello di Reschio has been transformed into a 36 rooms hotel, perfectly integrated in the rural surroundings and exuding with history. Explore the estate then discover how the owners have taken an organic approach to the design, championing local craftsmanship and creating thoughtful, whimsical spaces.

In the middle of the rustic and mesmerizing region of Umbria in central Italy, the Reschio estate stretches for 3,700 acres and has been owned by the Bolza family for three generations, born as a legacy project to restore and preserve the incredible natural scenery and the stunning ancient buildings of the land. 

From the transformation of the crumbling farm houses into one-of-a-kind private homes, the family has now completed the renovation of the main focal point of the estate: the extraordinary Castello di Reschio, an authentic castle built over a thousands years ago, towering over the land creating a dazzling scenery.

The castle has been the home of owners Benedikt and Nencia and their five children for over a decade, and has become over the years a legacy project with the intention of combining the effortless Italian style that has become the hallmark of Reschio with the wild Umbrian countryside that surrounds it, and in doing so preserving the ancient culture of the place while giving it a modern and refined flair.

Comprised of 36 rooms, the spaces are designed with an organic approach championing local craftsmanship and creating thoughtful, whimsical spaces: the sense of comfort and almost effortless living fills the room of the castle, with unique pieces that nods to the fascinating characters who once resided within the castle walls.

Terracotta-brick or wooden floors, hand-stitched linen curtains, sumptuous Italian fabrics, locally-crafted marble and brass vanities, and bespoke beds and lights designed by Benedikt’s own furniture arm, B.B. for Reschio, all juxtapose with the original structure of the building and its ancient architecture, creating a magical atmosphere from another time.

Each room faces both the rolling Umbrian countryside and the castle’s central garden courtyard, and lets its guests enjoy the stunning natural landscape in its entirety. Towering over the oval swimming pool, the scenery reflects itself in the water creating a poetical mirror effect.

Traditional dining options, focused on products harvested from the organic kitchen,garden, forests, olive groves, beehives and vineyards, are explored in the Ristorante al Castello, the restaurant inspired by the class and tradition of old Italy, serving old recipes reimagined in a modern twist. Furthermore, guests descending the warm stone steps into the depths of the Castello’s historic wine cellar will find themselves in The Bathhouse. A tranquil sanctuary home to a hammam, sauna and large ethereal plunge pool perfect to rest and reset.

The encompassing atmosphere curated by Hotel Castello di Reschio offers comfort, excellence and historical experiences to its guests, and fulfills the wish of its owners of preserving the legacy and traditions of the land.

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