Founded in 2006, Shanggou Space Design is a comprehensive design team composed of diversified professional young and cutting-edge designers. The design works range from millimeters to kilometers, spanning space and visual extension to products, advocating the integration of architecture and interior space design. The design has no boundaries. The world also exists in multiple dimensions, and design does not exist in categories purely. The design concept of "creation without boundaries and cross-border integration of design" allows the logic and technology, expression of emotion, and beauty in the entire team to be fully utilized. Shanggou Design's main business is boutique hotels, creative offices, and real estate clubs and model rooms. We are young and eclectic. We live for design.

Beijing Shanggou Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.


Address:Room 101, Block E, Shangyiwenyuan Plaza, Chaoyang Road North, District Chaoyang, Beijing

We are young and eclectic. All encounters are at the right time, you are very welcome to join us!

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