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Gold Winner of the 2020 IDA International Design Award

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On January 29, 2021, the 2020 IDA International Design Award winners list, which has attracted the attention of the global architectural space design community, was officially released. The IDA International Design Awards in the United States ushered in the most successful year since the award was founded in 2007, with the number of countries and the number of entries registered at a record high. Among the nearly 5,000 design works submitted by companies and designers from more than 100 countries, a total of 205 interior design works were awarded. Among them, 92 Chinese design companies and 21 teams won gold medals.

The design team of Beijing Shanggou Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd., led by Chinese designer Wei Zhang, has become one of the 21 Chinese teams that won the IDA 2020 highest honor by virtue of the ingenuity of the "Jimo Robot Office Space" project design. This work creates an immersive sense of technology and a smart atmosphere within reach, embracing the entire office space with endless fantasy and fantasy, walking with the unbounded civilization and wisdom, taking time and space to travel and see the future as unique.

Award-winning project name: Jimo Robot Office Space

Award-winning project type: office space

Award-winning project location: China·Shandong·Qingdao Jimo

Lead designer: Zhang Wei

Designer team: Li Xiaolong, Hu Xianping

Design company: Beijing Shanggou Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Honor: IDA 2020 Interior Design Gold Award

Ancient Tunnel

Ancient Exhibition Hall

Modern Tunnel

Modern Exhibition Hall

Future Tunnel 

Future Exhibition Hall

The mirror stainless steel, bright mirror, acrylic, metal decoration and other materials full of technological sense are integrated with the shape of streamlines, rays and cutting diagonal lines, leading us to brave the storm and move forward.

Technology has never been a castle in the air, but used by us. And time, is watching us, has set off, leading to the future.

Muti-functional Hall

Leisure Bar

IDA (International Design Awards) was founded in 2007 and is one of the most authoritative international design awards in the United States, advocating the sustainability, science and intelligence of design. The award includes five categories: architectural design, interior design, product design, fashion design, and graphic design. The jury is composed of well-known designers and professional media in the fields of global architecture, design, and fashion. It is committed to arousing public attention to world-wide excellent design, leading and catalyzing the creation of disruptive and innovative new concepts, and looking for truly international standard- design works.

Based on practical innovation, the IDA International Design Award focuses on thinking and cultural heritage, promotes anti-traditional and conceptual concepts, encourages outstanding designers and young designers to solve life problems through innovative design vocabulary, and give the future a brand new The face of life is the best opportunity for designers to gain global popularity.

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