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Wei Zhang was shortlisted for the Jintang Prize

Release time:2020-12-15 11:31:35 Source: Edit:尚构-carol Label:2020年金堂奖


Congratulations to Zhang Wei, the founder of Shanggou Design-his work "University Assets Management Office Project" was shortlisted for the Jintang Prize, competing for the best work of the year, so stay tuned! ! !

Jintang Prize·China Interior Design Annual Selection (hereinafter referred to as "Jintang Prize") is one of the most credible and influential annual selections in China's interior design industry. The award set sail in Beijing in 2010 with its distinctive values and charity , The initiator Xie Haitao put forward the theme of "design to create value", the mission of "calling for millions of designers and disseminating to millions of owners", and the Jintang Prize declaration of "public welfare, justice, independence, and service". 

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